Persian And Exotic Cat Rescue

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Welcome to the home page of Persian And Exotic Cat Rescue! 

At Persian and Exotic Cat Rescue we deal with many cats and kittens every year, either rehoming them or reuniting them with there owners.

We are based in Preston, but rehome cats and kittens all over England. 

We specialist in Persian and Exotics as we know there special needs, eg, grooming, health, temperament etc, which helps us alot when it comes to rehoming a cat with its new owner, making sure the cats needs are met by the owner.

We take in many cat and kittens for many different reason from abandonment, abused, neglected or changes in circumstances.

We are dedicated to get all our cats back to a good level of health, re-habilitatioin, re-socializing, and found loving new homes.

Here is a list of breeds which we have experience with

Persian, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest, Turkish Van, Chinchilla, Bengal, Balinese, Siamese, Ragdoll, Birman, Manx, British Shorthair, Russian Blue

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